Addissinia Hotel

Addissinia Hotel

  • Djibouti street, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Addissinia Hotel

Addissinia Hotel

Dine, table set-up

Dine At Addissinia Hotel

Enjoy a variety of local and international dishes


In-Room Dining: 24hrs

Dine, grilled steak served with mixed vegetables

Restaurant, Mezzanine Floor

Uses the freshest and highest quality ingredients


Monday-Friday: 6:00am-10:00am 

Saturday- Sunday: 6:00am-10:30am

 Complimentary for room guests

Lunch/Dinner: 11:00 am-11:00 pm

We welcome you to explore our Menu            

 If you choose to dine in for lunch or dinner

Dine, a fresh served Latte next to a laptop

Connect and Socialize in our Lobby Cafe

Serves perfectly brewed Ethiopian Coffee, Delicious snacks, Pastries and Pizza.

Dine in, explore our
Café Menu

Dine, hamburger with fries served on a cutting board
Dine, Bar, Happy Hour, people socializing, lots of drinks on the table
Dine, Bar, Happy Hour, glasses of wine, and snacks

Lobby Bar

Serves top-shelf liquors and a variety of cocktails.

Happy Hour: 5:00pm-7:00pm

Enjoy our locally inspired bites during Happy Hours, complimentary

Dine At Nearby Options


Yod Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant
2km from the hotel
Serves fasting and non-fasting cultural cuisines
Phone:   +251 116 61 29 85
Open:   Lunch, Dinner, Late Night


Kategna restaurant, Bole Medhanialem
1.4 km from the hotel
Serves traditional Ethiopian dishes
Phone:   +251 930 32 91 21
Open:   7:am-10:30pm


Chanoly Noodles
1.4 km from the hotel
Serves healthy Chinese meals with local touch
Phone:   +251 927 34 9506
Open:   8:am-9:00pm


Pizza Hut
1km from the hotel
Serves Pizza
Phone:   +251 980 63 62 24
Open:   9:30am- 11:00pm


La Mandoline
1.7km from the hotel
Serves French dishes
Phone: +251 921 32 85 07
Open: Mon- closed
Tue-Sun: 10:00 am- 10:00pm


Belvedere Restaurant
750 m from the hotel
Serves Italian Cuisine, handmade pasta
Phone: +251 912 63 92 80
Open: Mon- closed              
Tue, Wed, Sun - Lunch    Thu, Fri, Sat- Lunch & Dinner

Middle Eastern

Bait Al Mandi
1.4 km from the hotel
Serves Middle Eastern, Vegetarian friendly
Phone: +251 920 24 24 24
Open: Mon- closed
Tue-Sun: 11:30 am- 9:00pm

Italian, American, African

Mama’s Kitchen
1.1 km from the hotel
Serves buffet
Phone: +251 911 22 20 97
Open: 24hrs


Asabet Restaurant
1.2 km from the hotel
Serves the best of Ethiopian Fishes
Phone: +251 116 67 12 68
Open: 12:00pm-10:pm

Italian, American, European

Moyos Cafe
1.3 km from the hotel
Serves Italian, American, European
Phone: +251 961 61 61 61
Open: Mon- closed